How to Reduce Toxins From Your Body

Have you been weak, irritable, lazy and feeling unhealthy lately? If yes, your problem could be toxins. Here are some tips to follow to reduce the harmful toxins in your body.

Tip #1 Drink Lots of Water

Try to drink 8-10 cups of water daily. Water plays a vital role in flushing toxins and waste from your body and it also carries nutrients to where they are needed.

Tip #2 Eat Foods that are Rich in Fiber

Foods that are rich in fiber helps clean your colon . Most of the nutrients from the foods you eat are absorbed by the time food gets to the colon. Waste and toxins are then left inside your colon for elimination. To remove these waste easily, you must eat high fiber foods.

Tip #3 Lessen Your Alcohol Intake

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to dehydration. It may also damage the liver which is the main organ for detoxification.

Tip # 4 Go Organic!

If possible, buy organic fruits, vegetables, and meat products. Non organic may contain pesticides that may harm your body. If organics are not available, it’s still much healthier to continue eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Just make sure to wash them thoroughly.

Tip #5 Avoid the FF:

Avoid vegetable oils, processed soy, refined sugars, pasteurized dairy products, high-fructose corn syrup, wheat and gluten, table salt, hydrogenated trans fats, and other processed foods. These items may cause stress to your body and might create diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

Tip #6 Lessen your Exposure to Electromagnetic fields

Increased exposure to radiation can cause lots of diseases such as palpitations, concentration and memory disorders, headaches, fatigue, stress and sleep disorders. It is best if we remove all electrical devices from your sleeping area, avoid using microware, avoid sleeping beside your cellphone, etc.

Tip #7 Eat High Alkaline Foods

Eating foods that are high in alkaline such as fruits and vegetables. It raises your blood’s solubility so that chemicals and heavy metals can be easily removed out of your system.

Tip # 8 Practice Deep Breathing

Another way to remove toxins in your body is through deep breathing. This increases oxygen in your cells and stimulates better circulation.

Aside from toxin elimination, deep breathing has other benefits which includes relieving stress, strengthening the immune system, promoting peace of mind, and enhancing physical appearance .

Tip #9 Avoid Eating Before Bed Time

The night is the time for your body to rest and detox, not digest your food. Eating before bedtime disturbs sleep, creates digestive distress, and minimize the detoxification process.

Tip #10 Get Enough Rest

Make sure to have enough sleep.This is a time for your body to balance hormones, repair tissues, and regenerate.

Tip #11 Avoid Using Toxic Products

Avoid using toxic chemical products such as personal care products, cleaners, cosmetics etc. It is much better to choose natural, environmentally friendly products to use on your body and around the home.

Tip # 12 Exercise!

Any form of exercise can speed up the detoxification process. As you exercise, the blood circulates all over the body bringing nutrients to all the organs and muscles. Also, when exercising, you breathe intensely and take in more oxygen which helps all the cells to perform their jobs including removing toxins. As you exercise,your body sweats and toxins are released through the pores of the skin.

Tip # 13 Detox Not Only your Body but your Mind as Well

You can’t fully cleanse your body if your mind has fears, worries, stress etc. Relax, have a massage, have a sauna, do yoga or other meditations, Just drop your worries and negativities. Give your body, mind and soul the love and care it needs. -

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